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Writing for the Internet

It's a fact, people read differently on computer screens. I teaches writers how to engage the Internet audience, as well as utilize key words. I will also unlock the mysteries of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Settings with Emotional Impact

The writing world is cyclic, just like everything else. Right now, the cautionary phrase on the tip of every critique partner’s tongue is show don’t tell. They’re right, of course. But many well-meaning crit partners often label narrative or exposition as telling—especially when it comes to settings. Edie helps you deepen your description without telling the story!

Verbs Can Change the World

Many times the verbs we choose don't reflect the emotion of the scene. Edie takes the confusion out of passive/active writing, the rules about adverbs and the frustration over adjectives.

You as the Main Character

Every writer needs a bio. It will, in effect, be a part of your personal brand. It gives you credibility, whether you are speaking or writing. Edie will teach you the tricks to writing an engaging bio in this hands on class

Science Fiction, Fantasy and all things Speculative –

I will share the history of the genre and how it’s evolved. I'll also discuss options for those who write spec for the Christian market.

Copyrighting for Fun and Profit

What is copywriting? The dictionary defines a copywriter as one who “writes copy for advertising.” The field has gone on to include many aspects of business writing, especially those where the company interfaces with the client or consumer. This is a great way to earn money and build your writing muscles. I'll also share how to find clients and set a fee scale.

Become a Professional Eavesdropper to Improve Your Dialogue

I believe good dialogue is more like music than anything else. We start with the rules, learning the craft and the technique. But to become masters we must develop an ear, a sense if you will, of what translates well to the page and what does not. The foundation for that lies in eavesdropping. Although we rarely reproduce something we hear word-for-word. There is a natural cadence to dialogue that comes only by listening. We must learn to edit dialogue down to its essence without loosing that rhythm.

Don’t Put Your Social Media Eggs in One Basket

There are literally hundreds of options when it comes to social media, and it’s changing daily. Because of that, it’s vital writers don’t to put all their efforts into a single network. So how do you find what’s most valuable for you? Edie will break it down with a comprehensive list of the audience for the top platforms. She’ll also share how to divide your time between networks.

Publishing Detours—They’re NOT the Roadblocks You May Think

I've has built her career on things others would consider detours. God’s path is all about following Him, and what we consider roadblocks are often shortcuts to His will. This class will encourage those who feel like they’re not getting anywhere or have been left behind.

Sustainable Writing – Research, Redo and Reuse

Sustainable Writing is the way I describe writing for a living. Having a regular income as a freelance writer requires multiple streams of income. Managing those streams and keeping them afloat is where the sustainable part happens.

Support Your Writing Through Writing

If you’re truly serious about being published, you’re going to have to put some time, energy, and yes, even money into that endeavor. Trust me, we’d all like to think we have enough talent to make it, but talent will only get you so far in this industry.

Plug-In to the Digital Revolution—without Stressing Out!

Did you know that the college class of 2014 considers email obsolete? According to the Beloit College Mindset List they've also never written in cursive and with cell phones to tell them the time, they see no need for a wristwatch.

Successful Social Media for Writers in Thirty Minutes a Day

Successful Social Media doesn’t have to take a lot of time. As a matter of fact, as an expert in online connections I suggest spending no more than 30 minutes per day. Is that even possible? Absolutely. I built my career (and my platform) around this philosophy. And more importantly, I can show you how to make it work for you.

Edie offers a variety of other topics suitable for keynote addresses, seminars, webinars and Skype programs. She will also customize any topic to meet your specific needs.

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