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Journey with Joy—GPS Style (God’s Positioning System)

Life is hard. Stress and strife often seem to be our most constant companions on the journey. But the Bible tells us to have joy, no matter what. How do we journey with joy when the travel is hard? With God’s presence it is possible to recapture that joy no matter what life throws your way.

UnDO Your Life—Learning to Cultivate a Lifestyle of Rest

Peace and rest—the opposite of what life seems to hold for most of us. So often the verse that speaks of the peace that surpasses understanding seems to mean the peace that defies experiencing.

iSight – Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

How is your iSight? Do you have trouble seeing yourself as beautiful, precious and loveable, or do you just see the negatives about yourself? The answers may surprise you. Edie uses humor to show us the truth is that God loves you—and he wants you to love yourself. Healthy iSight isn’t self-centered, it’s God-centered.

Connections and the Ties that Bind

The ties we develop can either lead to bondage or to a deeper relationship with God and those around us. Making healthy—biblical—choices is the key. Today we live in a society that is more connected than ever—to electronics. And we’re more disconnected than ever—to God and to each other. We need a roadmap to guide us through the superhighway of life. Edie returns to the Bible and shows us how God’s Word provides a safe path as we navigate a world gone wild.

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