Connections and the Ties that Bind

The ties we develop can either lead to bondage or to a deeper relationship with God and those around us. Making healthy—biblical—choices is the key. Today we live in a society that is more connected than ever—to electronics. And we’re more disconnected than ever—to God and to each other. We need a roadmap to guide us through the superhighway of life. Edie returns to the Bible and shows us how God’s Word provides a safe path as we navigate a world gone wild.

Breakouts Can Include:
  • Healthy Boundaries: Life comes at us hard and fast. If we don’t have healthy boundaries, we can be swept away and lose sight of what’s truly important. We need God’s perspective to stay sane, and the Bible can give us that wall of protection. From dealing with aging parents, to growing children, to social media—Edie shares a biblical rundown of priorities and how to apply them in real life.
  • More Friends BUT Fewer Relationships: Edie helps us take a biblical look at the value of investing in friendship—the physical kind. So often we don’t take the time to pour into the lives of those around us. But it’s that investment that so often has eternal returns. From individual friendships, to group accountability, Edie offers suggestions on how to nurture and grow the godly relationships we need.
  • Navigating Social Media: Social media isn’t all bad. It gives us opportunities to stand for God in places we’ve never been able to go before. But it does have dangers we need to beware of. Edie shares practical, biblically-based tips for navigating this online world. She offers advice on privacy settings, conversation starters, and conversation enders, as well as how to educate the young people in your life to use this new paradigm wisely.
  • Reaching Out & Connecting with the World: We are blessed that God has chosen to reach the world through us. But what does that mean on an individual level? Edie shares how to be in the world and not of the world. Her tips for reaching out work for every personality style and life circumstance. God wants to use us, learn how—and when—to say yes.
  • How Strong is Your God Connection?: This breakout deals directly with our connection to God. Without a solid relationship with Him, the rest of our lives crumble. Edie shares tips to strengthen your relationship through prayer, accountability, and time for studying His Word.

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