iSight – Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

How is your iSight? Do you have trouble seeing yourself as beautiful, precious and loveable, or do you just see the negatives about yourself? The answers may surprise you. Edie uses humor to show us the truth is that God loves you—and he wants you to love yourself. Healthy iSight isn’t self-centered, it’s God-centered.

The majority of us don’t have a positive self-image. We love God and know that he loves us, but there seems to be a disconnect between that fact and our self-esteem. Could it be that we’re caught up in the world’s message about self-image instead of God’s? Explore what it really means to have healthy I-sight from a Biblical perspective

Edie walks us through the biblical basis for a healthy self-image, using humor as mirror to help us all see ourselves more accurately. She shows us what it means to love ourselves as God loves us, and she equips us to pass that insight onto others.

Breakouts Can Include:
  • Redefining Inner Beauty and Outer Beauty: We are influenced by our culture. In this breakout Edie exposes some of the prevalent myths many of us accept. She leads us through a biblical redefinition of true beauty that we can incorporate into our lives.
  • Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle: In this breakout Edie covers not only physical well-being, but spiritual and emotional health. She shares techniques for setting boundaries, reorganizing your days and how to work with—rather than against—the personality style God gave you.
  • The Comparison Trap: We just can’t seem to help it. We compare ourselves to others, to ideals, to what we think we should be. Truthfully, the only accurate measure of our lives comes from God. Edie will lead us to explore the comparisons that tear us down, and show us how to replace those with healthy, biblical insight.
  • What We Have Doesn’t Define Us: Edie leads us through an assessment of how we gauge God’s love by the physical blessings in our lives. She returns again and again to the Bible, reminding us that God’s love and provision aren’t measurable and remain steadfast, no matter what is happening with our stuff.
  • Self Esteem and the Myths of Humility: The world would have us believe many things about self worth and what humility looks like. The biblical truth might surprise you. Edie debunks the humility myths we accept and helps us find the path to true self worth.
  • Fairy Tales are Real: Edie takes a look at a popular fairy tale and reminds us that we do have a prince who rides up on a white horse to rescue us. She takes a biblical look at our royal heritage and how we’ve each been given the opportunity to take our place as daughters of the King.

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