Journey with Joy—GPS Style (God’s Positioning System)

Life is hard. Stress and strife often seem to be our most constant companions on the journey. But the Bible tells us to have joy, no matter what. How do we journey with joy when the travel is hard? With God’s presence it is possible to recapture that joy no matter what life throws your way.

Edie shares how to "recalculate" and take the truths in the Bible an apply them where we are right now. There are no trite, easy answers. Life rarely goes as planned, so it’s time to get over that myth. Enjoy the journey and embrace the process. Go deep and wide as a believer, and no matter what the future brings you’ll have a guide to bring you safely home.

Breakouts Can Include:
  • Gratitude 101: There are many misunderstandings about being thankful. Edie takes us back to the Bible and shares what God’s word says, not what we’ve been told it says. Her insight allows us to recognize all God has done for us and reclaim our thankfulness. Her breakout includes how to incorporate journaling into this process of transformation.
  • We’re Only Travelers: It’s easy to lose perspective when they days are long and hard. But the truth is we’re just passing through. It’s time to regain an eternal perspective and apply it to our lives today.
  • Choosing Your Companions: Nowhere does the Bible say we travel this path alone. Along with God, we often have others on the trip with us. It’s important to choose those companions carefully. Edie shares biblical principles on surrounding yourself with godly influences. From individual friendships, to prayer partners, to accountability, this breakout will give you the tools you need to find lifelong support.
  • Detours Aren’t the Roadblocks You May Think: God often uses detours to get us back on track. Edie uses the Bible to illustrate the principles of evaluating course changes and course corrections.
  • You Can’t Turn a Parked Car: So often we come to a crossroad and stop, fearful that turning one way or the other will bring about God’s wrath. Truthfully, God isn’t in the business of condemnation. Edie shares how God looks at our hearts and is always ready to help us get back on track without keeping score. It’s only when we pull over and park that God has to prod us back into forward motion. Learn how to keep moving in faith.

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