UnDO Your Life—Learning to Cultivate a Lifestyle of Rest

Peace and rest—the opposite of what life seems to hold for most of us. So often the verse that speaks of the peace that surpasses understanding seems to mean the peace that defies experiencing.

We cannot know peace and rest without first knowing God. What sets us apart from the rest of the world as Christians is the fact that we have a foundation, a basis in our lives. That foundation is many things, but most important of all, it's consistent and immovable.

We must also come to the realization that knowing God has nothing to do with doing things for God. His peace comes as a state of being, not doing. Yes there is a time for doing, but without peace and rest we don’t have the ability to act.

It is possible to find peace in the chaos of today’s world. Spend some time laughing together as we take a realistic look at our need to find God's perfect balance for our lives. Edie shows you where it’s found and the steps to cultivate a lifestyle of rest.

Breakouts Can Include:
  • NO is an Obedient Answer: Edie shares that while we need to step out in faith and say yes to God, we also need to learn how to say no to other things. The difficult choices in our lives aren’t between good and bad, they’re between good and best. Edie shares how to use biblical concepts to help you evaluate whether to say yes, or no.
  • We CAN Do It All—Just Not All at Once: God wants to accomplish a lot in us and through us. But even He doesn’t try to do it all at once, so why should we? By taking us back to the Bible, Edie shares how God’s timetable enables us to accomplish more than we ever imagined. When we look at things from His perspective, we can take a deep breath and rest, knowing He is the one ordering our days.
  • Doesn’t God Like Me More When I’m Working For Him?: So often we equate busyness with godliness. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. And although most of us know that, we don’t live like we believe it. Instead, we’ve made productivity an idol. Edie shares a biblical perspective on how God uses us to carry out His plans by working in us and then through us to accomplish His will. We weren’t designed to go off on our own and we can rest in that fact.
  • Quiet Times—They’re NOT Just for Mornings: Looking through the Bible we find that Jesus often had alone time with God and not just in the mornings. Frequently we’re bound by what we think we should do as opposed to what God wants us to do. Beyond quiet times, Edie will lead us to evaluate misconceptions that can lead to cluttered, busy lives.
  • Divert Daily, Withdraw Weekly, Abandon Annually: Learning to live a life of rest is tough. Our to-do lists just get longer and longer. But by following a few simple biblical guidelines, Edie shows us that it is possible.

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